Resource Page

Resource Page

Welcome to the Microbiome Bulletin Resource Page. Here you will find links to purchase the various items we discuss in our posts, from probiotics to prebiotics to books, and more, plus our reviews as the become available.

It is important you understand that in the case of supplements, these are not recommendations (no one, not even a medical doctor, should be making specific recommendations for you without knowing anything about you), but they are products I am either using currently (see the latest on our MicrobioME Project) or have taken in the past and found to be useful. I will also include links to reviews as they become available.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out our General Disclaimer and Affiliate Disclosure pages for a more detailed discussion of these policies.

While buying through these links does not cost you anything, it does help support the work we do here, for which we are grateful.

Thanks so much!


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Genuine Health Advanced Gut Probiotic

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The Microbiome Solution

I Contain Multitudes

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