MicrobioME Snapshot January 21, 2019 to January 27, 2019

MicrobioME Snapshot January 21, 2019 to January 27, 2019

If you are a first-time visitor to the MicrobioME Project, I encourage you to check out our introductory post, “The MicroboME Project.” In short, the MicrobioME Project is a one-man experiment exploring the manner in which supplementation, diet, exercise, sleep, and other variables influence my microbiome and the general state of my health in order to provide others with a reference point to compare their own experiences.

I am still waiting on the results of my first Ubiome test which was intended to establish a “Base Case” measure of the state of my microbiome. This Base Case involved holding my diet, activity level, and other variables constant, but eliminating all probiotic supplements.

While I’m waiting, I’ve moved on to establishing my “Probiotic Case,” in which I supplement with a fairly hefty dose of probiotics. In this second week I ramped up that probiotic intake (as indicated in the chart below).

While I did not introduce any new formulations, I did increase my intake of the existing formulations. Whereas last week I was taking the LEF GI With Phage four days a week, this past week I took it every day. I did something similar by increasing my intake of LEF Immune Health from three days a week to seven. I also doubled my intake of Great Oral Health by adding an additional lozenge in the morning.

I am of the mind to hold this steady until I am ready to test my microbiome for the Probiotic Case. If you take the midway point between CFUs at time of manufacture and expiration, I’m consuming at least 100 billion CFUs of probiotics a day which from a consumer and general health standpoint (I’m not trying to address any specific health issue) is probably as much as anyone is going to take. (I’m leaving open the possibility of doing a more extreme version of this study in the future.)


Except for a modest reduction in sleep, I held the other variables reasonably constant this past week. As noted above (and as you can see in the table below) I did increase my probiotic consumption as that is the variable I want to test for.

Overall, I continue to feel great with no obvious health issues, and gut health seems normal. I’ll have more to say on that later, as I believe the Genuine Health Probiotic has yielded some noticeable benefits. I’ll be reviewing that in some detail in the near future.

Specifics follow below.

Probiotic Supplementation

Brands, CFUs (number of live organisms, see my post, “What Should I Look For in a Probiotic” for an explanation), and days of the week together with averages.

Probiotics 20190127
Note that I provide CFU totals both at the time of manufacture and at expiration (estimated in cases where the manufacturer does not specify). I don’t typically take probiotics too close to their expiration and so you can assume my actual intake is closer to the date of manufacture. (I considered fine-tuning the numbers given how close a given bottle was to its expiration date, but as I don’t know the rate of decay, I considered that of very little utility.)

I also consume around 8 ounces of Greek Yogurt a day. Is yogurt really a probiotic? A discussion for another time. I include it here for thoroughness. Likewise, with kimchi which I’m consuming once or twice a week.

(Thinking about trying some of these out for yourself? Please check out our Resource Page. All items are listed by category and available for immediate purchase through Amazon.)

Prebiotic Supplementation

For my total fiber intake, see “Diet” below. This is specifically for prebiotic supplementation. Not all dietary fiber is considered prebiotic.

I’m holding this constant. (I will be conducting a Prebiotic Case Study next month in which I will drastically increase both the variety and quantity of my prebiotic intake.)

Prebiotic 20190127

(The LEF Prebiotic Chewable from Life Extension Foundation is made up of xylooligosaccharide.)

(Thinking about trying some of these out for yourself? Please check out our Resource Page. All items are listed by category and available for immediate purchase through Amazon.)


Diet 20190121-27

The macro percentages only changed a percentage point or two from last week. For purposes of my Probiotic Case study, I am trying to hold these variables constant.

My fat intake is majority plant-based, nuts and seeds and plant oils for the most part. Close to half my protein comes from shakes and bars, and are primarily whey, casein, and plant based.

I eat about a cup of blueberries a day, plus some blackberries. I also have at least one large salad.

Fiber is about half soluble, half insoluble.


Sleep 20190127

I’m down 15 minutes on average per day from last week. I’m going to try to get that back to at least six and a half hours as I expect to be wrapping up my Probiotic Case Study in the next week or two and want to hold this variable as constant as possible as compared to the Base Case.

Activity Level

Exercise 20190121-27

I teach regular group fitness classes as part of my wellness business so my activity level is usually pretty high. This week was a bit less than last week as I did not sub any classes, but nothing material.

Weekday caloric expenditure averaged close to 3000 Calories a day, weekends closer to 2300.

I exercised around two hours a day during the week, but keep in mind that the Apple Watch counts very modest movement as exercise, so that would be a mix of modest to high intensity (For example, walking the dog counts).

I hit the “Stand” parameters 17 hours each weekday, and closer to 15 on weekends. (Apple measures a “Stand” as moving around for at least a minute within an hour.)

Thanks for following along, I’m hoping to get my Ubiome results in the next week or two for my Base Case and will be reporting on those here shortly thereafter.

I will also be sending in a sample based on the Probiotic Case I’m engaging in now within that same time frame. Right after that, I’m going to start adding prebiotic fiber to my diet. I already consume well above national averages for fiber consumption (over 60 grams a day) so this will be targeted prebiotic fiber through the intake of supplements.

As always, please feel free to leave any comments, observations or questions below.

Take care!